Friday, August 29, 2008

SD State Fair

This week the SD State Fair began. It runs through Labor Day. My kids do not show livestock but do have some building projects at the fair. My nieces and nephew however are showing calves and dogs. I sure wish I could go watch them by I don't think I will make it to the fair this year. Courtney has a volleyball tournament all day Saturday (when the dog show is) and we move Jeremy to college on Sunday (when the heifers show). Kennedy with her heifer.
Nikki with her heifer.
Kassidy with her heifer.
Nolan and dog Hershey...he also has another dog "Chips" that qualified for the fair.
Kassidy and dog Carly.
I took all these photos at Hamlin and Clark County Fairs where I was fortunate enough to watch them show their animals. I am so proud of you guys!



We just finished our county fair. I want to own just one cow and one Clydesdale. Just one of each; that's all.

Vickie said...

Good luck with the moving today and I hope the kids do well at the fair. Take Care :)