Monday, April 9, 2007

Computer World, Here I Come!

Ok, I am going to try my hand at Blogging. I am terrible on the computer and my kids, ages 17 and 15, have to help me all the time. When I call them into the office, their first question is always "you don't need help with the computer, do you?"!!!!! So, have patience with me and give me a chance to learn the ups and downs of this thing! I have been looking at posts and even braved posting a few comments a few times but it looked so fun, I just had to give it a try!!


Penless Thoughts said...

WELCOME and ((hugs)) I was so delighted that you left me a comment and came running over to "meet" you. My e-mail address is if you would like to e-mail me.

I just started my blog 2 1/2 months ago and can't tell you what a blessing it is. I know you'll learn to love it.

Lori B said...

Welcome to the blogging world.
I like your template it is the same as my blog.
I started blogging in January. It has been so much fun!