Monday, April 30, 2007

State Shooting Sports

Courtney shooting her compound archery bow

Jeremy shooting his air pistol

Jeremy shooting his .22 pistol

Courtney shooting her .22 pistol

The kids had another successful year at the State Shooting Sports match. It was a little hectic, but all worth it. Jeremy had Prom on Friday night and then they boarded a bus at 1 am Sat. morning to head to Worlds of Fun in Kansas City. They got back about 3 am Sunday morning and a good friend of ours picked Jeremy up along with his own son and headed to Pierre, 3 hours away, to compete in the match (Courtney and I were already in Pierre, we left after the Prom Grand March and got to Pierre about midnight Friday night). Jeremy got to Pierre about 6 am Sunday morning and slept for about an hour and 20 minutes at our hotel before having to get up to shoot his .22 pistol and air pistol. Courtney shot archery and her .22 pistol on Saturday and then air pistol on Sunday. I didn't know if Jeremy would do very well, having had very little sleep, but he shot his personal best and even qualified in .22 pistol for the National Shooting Sports match to be held in June. I am so proud of him! I am really proud of Courtney too, she moved up to senior division this year, which is a lot harder and did very well for her first year.


~ Amy ~ said...

Wow, Nationals! Congrats Jeremy! Hopefully it's a good distance away so you can get a good vacation out of the trip.

Lori B said...

Sounds like your kids did very well.
I'm sure it's fun to go to all of their activities.
Have a great day!

Dawn said...

That is great for Jeremy! Now you know what to do for Nationals--make sure he is sleep deprived! You guys have such a good program for shooting sports there. (I figured out where you are when I saw yours and Amy's prom pictures with the same girl in them!) We have only had it for 3 years I think, and only do archery. My daughter went to Pierre last year for archery and it was quite an experience. Unfortunately, she had too much trouble adjusting to a bow this year (long story) and did not qualify for Pierre. She wants to do a lot more shooting this summer. I'm glad Courtney got to go, too.

Jamie said...

Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

My husband always says that he wants to get Marissa into a shooting course when she gets older so she can go hunting with her dad.

hope4grace said...

I would love to get my girls involved in something like this. They are already in love with target shooting at the ages of 8 and 4.