Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Courtney had another softball game last night and I remembered to bring the camera...the new one! Don't you just love the uniforms!! Jeremy chose not to play baseball this year so I only have one team to follow this summer.
Courtney and one of her best friends...Tasha. This pose is one of those goofy things they do.
Courtney pitches and Tasha plays short stop....Tasha is an excellent player.
Courtney batting.
She's getting better....has had her struggles this year with pitching.
They WON!
Team meeting afterwards....notice Amy from Life in the Country to the left in the orange shirt....she is one of the coaches.

Amy and her niece...Lexy. Tasha (from the goofy picture) is also her niece.
Summers and softball/ doesn't get any better than that!


~ Amy ~ said...

Wasn't that a great game!! Bases loaded, we were only one point ahead, Courtney kept her cool and pulled off two strike-outs. AWESOME! I love this group of girls - so much fun.

Tracy said...

Awesome uniforms! Looks like SOOO much fun!!! YEAH TEAM! (forgot the name)

Amber Kay said...

Those uniforms are too cute!!

Annoyed said...

I love their uniforms - they are so bright and colorful - cute! :)

Penless Thoughts said...

So neat you and Amy are friends, in real life!!! The uniforms are neat.

Teresa said...

Yea Zimmers! Love the uniforms! Go coach Amy!

Lori B said...

Great job on winning.

I do love those uniforms. I like the black and pink. They are cute!

Jamie said...

I really like those uniforms....very stylish! That is quite a name...very cool also!

Just Mom said...

I have yet to attend a softball game. My kiddo is too young to play. But I can honestly say I'm looking forward to watching him get involved in some kind of sport.

Oh! Those uniforms are cute.

Chelle said...

I agree. Cute uniforms! That's the first time I've said that about softball uniforms. : )
Great pictures and recap of the game.

Myrna said...

The uniforms are great--They look like they are made for girls, not boy uniforms made over for girls. How refresshing!

I have a niece who has played softball since whe waa about four. She will be going to college this fall on a softball scholarship.


Pam said...

OOOHHH! LOVE the pink and black! I will ahve to send my little 12 year old niece over to take a peek. Her blog is named "pink and black jungle bunny"!