Friday, July 13, 2007

Bling...part 2

A few months ago, Courtney got her ears pierced for the first time. Jeremy has wanted his pierced for several years now and I keep telling him NO! I finally caved and signed for him to have his ear pierced. We did reach an agreement to have a small earring, not one of those huge ones since it has to be in for 6 weeks, so you have to look really close to see it. I also had him get his haircut right before while I was running other errands and I really didn't want it this short but as his dad keeps reminding me....he's a man now and we have to let him make his own decisions (he'll always be my little boy though, no matter how old he is).Look at the smile on his face!
What is your opinion on boys/men and earrings? Be honest, I can take it!


Amber Kay said...

My husband had an earing in high school too! His dad gave him a ton of crap...but the girls liked it!

Myrna said...

I am not fond of the men with earings look, but it doesn't bother me like it did at one time. I am really over it pretty much.

Our boys both had rings in high school for short times. Neither one of them would have one now for anything. They have turned out to be much more conservative than I ever thought they would be!

One of our sons got his ear pierced even though his Dad had said, "NO"! I noticed it pretty quickly, but Lee didn't even notice for about five days. He claims he did, but we know he didn't because he would NEVER have been quiet about it that

Nesting For Natalie said...

My opinion, as the mom of 4 sons (three over 18), far more important is a man's heart than what he wears on his ears. Far more important is what he hears with his ears and says from his mouth, than what he wears on his ears.

He looks happy enough to light up a room :)!!


Lori B said...

I"m not much for men wearing earrings either.

But does look nice. He does look very happy to have a piercing.

So I agree with nesting for natalie...what is in his heart is the most important.

Michelle said...

Did you see my oldest? He has gauged both his ears. You can see right through his lobes. Yuck.

When he first started he wore small hoops in both ears. I didn't care for it at the time but now I wish he would wear them again. The big holes really bother me.

He also has multiple piercings in each ear. He doesn't even bother going in to get it done anymore. When I find safety pins in the bathroom and the rubbing alcohol out, I know he's pierced again. He is going to drive me insane.

In my fairy tale life none of my boys would ever dream of piercing their ears :-)

Penless Thoughts said...

I love what nesting for Natalie said. ALL my kids have done things I would not have done and wished they had not done. You learn to live with some of it and just keep praying and praying!!!
He looks great and from what you've written about your kids I think you, and they, are on firm ground. ((hugs))

jennifer said...

I am not a fan of a man wearing an earring either. I don't think that being raised how you raised him will falter. The apple always fall close to the tree, so I think this is a phase, that when he has kids will go away.

I think he is very handsome though! I bet you have many young girls looking his way!!

~ Amy ~ said...

I really don't have a problem with an earring or changing the hair styles. Girls have so many ways to express themselves and be creative with different styles with their hair, clothing, jewlery, shoes, etc.. Why is it people think guys should have no creativity. They need to be able to express themselves too. I think its pretty harmless. There are far worse things they could be doing.

Just Mom said...

He seems like a kind-hearted young man -- earring or not.

Love your new look, by the way.

jennifer said...

I like the changes here!!!

Dawn said...

Personally, I don't care for the look, but you could find lots of people (including my daughters) who don't care for my style either.

We gave my brother lots of guff when he got his ear pierced but you should see how he turned out! A teacher who loves golf! (Horrors!) Check out your school's girls golf coach. (Actually, the guff was just teasing in good fun.)

Pam said...

He is beaming! And upon enlarging the picture, I saw his beautiful brown eyes, which reminded me of my youngest son's eyes! You have a handsome young man there! I know what you mean about him always being your baby though! I have a 20 yr. old I still worry about!

I don't like the idea of a guy getting his ears pierced or anything else pierced for that matter. However, what is on the inside is much more important than the outside, as some of your other commenters stated. You have given your children a good foundation and I don't believe your son will go overboard with piercings. Do you?

Time changes our viewpoints on many things. I believe in years gone by, the pierced ear of a man signified he was a slave. A few years back it was considered effiminant. Now it is far more accepted for a man to have a pierced ear.

Jamie said...

I am not a fan a guys with ears but his is really little so that is not so bad.

I guess to each his own. If he is happy with it then that is what matter! :)

M said...

Well, he IS getting a big boy, and lots of young men get ear piercings, don't they.

Paul in the New Testament talks about the 'inner man'. In faith, that's what should be cultivated; the external stuff need not worry you too much.