Monday, August 6, 2007

Achievement Days

4-H Achievement Days start on Wednesday. For those of you not familiar with 4-H, Achievement Days and the State Fair are the highlight of the 4-H year. It's when they get to exhibit their projects that they have worked so hard on and the kids that enter livestock get get to show their animals that they have been working with. The kids' projects need to be interview judged tomorrow guess what we are doing today and tomorrow....finishing up projects. Yep, nothing like "last minute".


~ Amy ~ said...

But what are their projects????????

The part I always dispised about 4-H was the book that had to be turned in at the end of the year. YUCK!!! Otherwise, 4-H is a great program and great experiences for kids of all ages.

I'd love to have Kale join next year - but the thought of all the work that goes into it, not only for the kids, but also for the parents, makes me a little tired already.

Best of luck Courtney and Jeremy on your projects!!! Hopefully, you'll have some good judges.

amy said...

Cant wait to see pics..I love to hear about last minute projects

Amber Kay said...

I just went back to Minnesota last weekend to watch my sister show cattle. And I was in for a little surprise...checkout my blog later today! Good luck to your kids!

Michelle said...

I remember finishing a latch hook project on the way to Achievement Days. Talk about last minute. I think it was the only red ribbon I ever got in 4-H. I guess I deserved it.

I agree with Amy. Record books...Yuck! I don't know why I hated them so much. I love to journal now.

Penless Thoughts said...

Look forward to seeing their ribbons!!!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Amy and Michelle...the record books are much easier than they were when we did them! We don't do livestock so it is a little easier.

Most of their projects are posters and a few "visual arts" (the old arts and crafts) and some crops. Jeremy does have one hobbies and collections exhibit (model cars that he paints and puts together, something he really enjoys anyway).

When they were younger they did like 20-25 projects (and none of those were posters, this is our first year doing those...but this year they only have about 8 or so apiece.

Jamie said...

Good luck and have fun!!

Amber said...

Our 4-H asked us to display our sheep at the fair last year, it was a great experience for the children. The sad part is, is that our sheep couldn't move with us:(

Can't wait to here more about the project!

God Bless,

Lori said...

Good luck with all of their 4H projects.
Can't wait to see and hear about them.