Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I thought once school started things would slow down here a little bit but I guess I was WRONG!
We started marketing hogs last week, taking one load out on Monday. Yesterday we sent out 2 more semi loads. It was so hot and humid that both Chad and I were soaked by the time we got done.
We are trying to get some odds and ends done around here before we start silage cutting and harvest because once that starts, we won't have time for much of anything but that.
So, things might be a little sporadic with me for awhile. I am still going to try to keep up with my posts and am hoping to get to check in with all of you too. You all are my lifelines to the "outside world"!


jennifer said...

Stay busy. I love reading the farm journal through your eyes.

I know you call your blog Frazzled Farm Wife, but I will always read thinking that you are journaling of a dying breed, and for that I thank you!


Penless Thoughts said...

I agree with Jennifer's comment. You know how much I enjoy learning a little about farm life through your eyes and words.

Thanks for tying yourself to one of my balloons, friend :o)

Christie Belle said...

Your schedule never ceases to amaze me! You are such a hard worker! Try to stay semi-cool, and hopefully the temps. will drop soon! I was looking down and saw the football pictures, I miss Friday night high school football games, it made me want to go back and visit my old high school one Friday night!

Teresa said...

Good luck with your busy week. I'm sure you are missing your helpers right now! Thank Heaven for the long weekend coming up!

Jeff and Erin said...

You guys sound very busy! I got tried just reading about all the stuff you have to do and have been doing..he he :)!!

Hopefully this humidity gets outta here soon..that'll help a lot! Stay cool and good luck getting everything done :)!

Have a great day!


amy said...

I love these posts as well. Neato!and I have read a lot more blogs because of you

Momma Roar said...

I enjoy hearing about what you do too - since I am in 'farm country' on the east coast it is fun to read your posts so I know what my neighbors are doing! hee hee

Coach J said...

I hope all goes well with harvesting and selling pigs.
I, too, love to know about the farm life, so keep us posted when you can. You're on my google reader, so it'll pop up just as soon as you post!

Michelle said...

Ahhhh, I can almost smell them.

Like my mom always used to say when we'd drive by a hog farm and the odor would creep into the car, "That's the smell of money, kids."

Hope that saying holds true for you!

Tammy said...

I'm not sure I've been here before...or just keep seeing your name on some of our mutual blogging friends' sites! ;)
It was fun stopping by today...and this post sums of the name of your blog very well, it seems like! LOL

I have always wanted to live on a farm but have been stuck in the suburbs all of my life...so may have to keep stopping by your farm instead!

hope4grace said...

Stay cool over there!!!!!

Oh and post pics if you get a chance...I love seeing you guys in action!

Just Mom said...

Take care of life first, that's what I always say.

Jamie said...

I don't think things ever slow down. You think they will and they don't. I guess we would be complaining if we had nothing to do.

Amanda said...

Wowza - you're one busy momma

nickernoodle said...

I would never make it as a farm wife. I am too big of a wimp. It takes a strong hard working woman to do the things you do everyday! You amaze me! HHHMMMM, you remind me of someone. Kristi maybe. Must be that those Noem boys know how to pick the best!!!!

Chelle said...

I, too, love to read about your life on the farm. good luck with the crazy-busy time!