Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend Fun!

We got a team together with some of our friends and played in a co-ed softball tourney over the weekend..... a fundraiser for one of the local churches. We didn't do very well and were by far one of the oldest teams (our average age was about 37). A lot of the teams had players in their 20's. We got 7th place out of 8 (only because the 8th team didn't show up...where were you Amy?).
We DID however have a GREAT time! I am a little stiff today and have bruise on my leg where I missed a pop fly but am overall feeling pretty good. One of our players...Renae...took one right in the jaw, I bet she hurts today. I wonder how the rest of my team is feeling??!! Do you think we are too old to be doing this "kid stuff"?
Thanks Val, Tracy, Renae, Mark, Dulcy, Eric, Zach, Kasey, Bryon, Laurie and "coach" Wayne for playing along with Chad and me! It's nice to have such good friends willing to make fools of themselves along with us!


Penless Thoughts said...

Please don't start calling yourselves old in your 30's!!!! Do things like that is what keeps you young.

Jamie said...

I bet that was a good time. You were just letting the youngens win.....hehe!

kristi at everyday woman said...

wish I could have been there. It sounded like fun. BTW...your ring is beautiful!

nickernoodle said...

How fun! I have never been able to hit the ball when playing. Poor hand/eye coordination I guess. That sounds like fun! I can just imagine Bryon out there.

Jeff and Erin said...

I'm sure a good time was had by all! Even if you don't win it's still nice just to get together with friends :)!!

Have a great day!


jennifer said...

Old is Gold!!! It's not where you placed its that you played!!

wait until the younger ones get a little older, then they will salute you. Even though you are not super old, you feel the aches and pains and require a bit more recovery time!!


Lori said...

I'm glad you had a good time.
Sounds like fun.
Sorry to hear about your bruises though.

~ Amy ~ said...

You know I'm not sure how the mix up came about but Trevor told Troy that we were not going to have a team the weekend before at the tourney in Hayti. As soon as we realized that the games were going to be the same time we had planned out trip for Trevor and I were both bummed. That's such a fun tourney to play in.

I think that its great that there are so many in our community that love to play sports at our ripe old ages of 30-somethings. It keeps us all feeling young.

Coach J said...

That sounds like so much fun! And, you're not old!! I remember the first time I played softball after being out of school. It had been about 10 years, and my hubby had to roll me out of the bed because I couldn't get up by myself! I've tried not to let my body get back in that bad of a shape again!! :)

Annoyed said...

In the jaw?! Ouch!

Pam said...

wow, did I have a lot of catching up to do here on your blog! I was only away a little more than a week but you've been very busy.

It made my heart happy to hear of your wonderful trip away with hubby for your all's anniversary! Way to go Chad!

Michelle said...

Ouch. I'd be stiff. Sounds like great fun!