Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I remember.....

Michelle tagged me for this awhile ago and I thought it sounded interesting so here goes.....

I remember...the day my baby brother was born- back then, kids weren't allowed to visit in the hospital so my mom held him up to her hospital room window and we looked at him for the first time from 2 stories down. I was so excited to have a baby brother after having 2 sisters.

I remember....days before VCR, DVD, Ipod, Computers and Remotes!

I remember...hunting and fishing with my dad- great experiences that I am glad I got to share with him.

I mom telling me that my dad had died-don't remember much the next year.

I remember...watching my sister dance with Chad at a jr. high dance when she used to "go out" with him.

I remember....Michelle getting her mitten stuck to my braces and we had a tough time getting it loose-we were on a school bus on our way to a roller-skating party.

I remember...eating tons of homemade bread that Michelle's mom made when I would go visit them (my mom didn't bake bread much)....I have always loved homemade bread.

I remember...Michelle's dad playing the guitar and singing John Denver songs to us when we were young (my dad and Michelle's mom were first cousins so our families used to hang out alot together).

I remember...getting the phone call that Michelle's mom had died...I hadn't cried that hard since my own dad had died.

I remember....when my friend Jodi found out she was pregnant-we were seniors.

I sister Cheryl and I doing everything together growing up. We are not quite 11 months apart so we shared alot of good times (and still do).

I remember....on Cheryl's birthday every year running out to tell the mailman that we were the same age.

I remember...playing sports through school...something I have never regretted and some of the best memories I have.

Do you have any special memories? Feel free to share them in my comments or share them with us on your blog.


Christie Belle said...

Some awesome memories, and some sad, hard to talk about memories. It sounds like you had some really awesome times growing up. Some times I wish I would have grown up in an earlier time...

Jennifer said...

Great post! I will have to do this one, too :)

Rose said...

Great post! I think these things are kind of fun...we get to know the people behind the blog a little better. Your one about cable, VCR's etc. had me thinking my gosh I grew up before COLOR television. Seriously we didn't have one until I was grown and married...and I'm not really that old (49)!!!

oceans5 said...

Loved reading this post. I will post some of mine on my blog soon:)

~ Amy ~ said...

cool post! i might have to give it a try sometime.

Running to tell the mailman you and Cheryl were the same age - classic!!!

Penless Thoughts said...

What an interesting read Chris. You covered a lot of stuff, joy & sadness. Thanks.

Lori said...

That was a fun post to read. Thanks for sharing all your great memories.