Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One hurtin' kid...one more to come!

No....I am not beating my children!

Courtney started basketball practice yesterday and Jeremy starts next Monday.

We had a boys and girls basketball player/parents meeting after Courtney's practice yesterday and she was one sore young lady! Her worst complaint is her shins...she had problems with that during volleyball too...any of you have ideas to make it better?

The coach (who just happens to be her uncle...tough situation) really works the girls hard and whips them into shape! They had practice after school yesterday....meeting with parents/players at 7:00 pm....supper at the school....walk through about 9:00 pm....the varsity team stayed overnight at the school with the coaches....practice at 5 am today! There are conferences after school today so they couldn't practice after school...hence the 5 am practice. The girls and coaches thought it would be fun to stay overnight at the school. I thought it might be a cool "team bonding" thing....I guess I will find out how it went when I see her after school today.

I love basketball and am SO looking forward to the season!


Tracy said...

Good luck with the basketball season. I can't wait for it to start here! GO BULLDOGS!!

Rose said...

For shin splits try: more water, eat more bananas and broccoli (potassium) and be sure to do a good warm up before practices and games. I used to get these when I first started power walking and these things did help a lot.

Good Luck with your season!

jennifer said...

wow dedication to the game:)

Happy Thanksgiving from the Pen of Jen Family!

Christie Belle said...

Jason has shin splints. His come from the crazy physical training that the Marines make him do with running 6 miles at a time, sometimes more, sometimes less. All I know is that they gave him Ibuprofen, the "suck it up" method. But the Marines will have to pay him a severance for life for them. Hope they get better!

Amber said...

Ugh, I SO remember that feeling. I played sports all year long and before every basketball season I "thought" I was in shape. However, I got a wake up call each year.
I remember what a chore it was to wake up in the morning after practice, I remember barely being able to walk DOWN the stairs and up the stairs was a whole differnt story!

nickernoodle said...

I hate shin splints! They are so uncomfortable. I agree Rose on the remedy. Let us know if it works!

Michelle said...

Our Cross Country coach says to just run through the pain. Pretty soon those shins will be in tip top shape! Ouch!!!

Coach J said...

I {heart} basketball, too! (duh!!)
I always tell my girls to run through the shin splints, so I'd like to know if Rose's ideas work. I know to eat more potassium for muscle cramps, but never thought it would work for shin splints.
I laugh at our girls because they get so sore from doing lunges. I start the season doing them with the girls, but I'm not as strong as I wish I was anymore. ;)
When does your season start? Good luck to both of your children. I'm sure it is tough having a family member be the coach. Being a good friend of the parents of the girls is trying enough!!

Myrna said...

We are a basketball family, too! My sons played and one of them coaches at a high school. I have been to many games and nursed guys through injuries--back, shoulder, teeth, elbow, head, etc. BUT--I don't know anything about shin pains! :-)

~ Amy ~ said...

I CAN'T WAIT for the games to begin!! I used to get shin splints too...OUCH!! Goeble and Porter had us wrap them..yes, we looked like dorks, but I don't think they hurt as bad.

It should be interesting for us going to games this year. Between Kale's bb practices and homework I'm thinking Trevor and I may have to take turns going to games. It's going to really stink missing some. You know we're usually at every game, boys and girls, so I'll be pretty sad to miss any.

Joyce said...

Tell you childdren good luck for this season. I am an avide basket ball fan from MBA to 5&6 grades, boys and girls. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Love and Hugs,