Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Tonight is the first basketball game of the season! I am soooo ready for basketball to start....it is one of my favorite sports to watch.....and my daughter and son both play!

We are starting this week out with a bang! The boys had their "Meet the Team" scrimmage last night....Courtney plays tonight, Thursday and Saturday...and the boys have their first game on Friday. We will be seeing lots of basketball in the next few months especially since both kids play. YEAH!

I also have 4 nieces and a nephew that are playing now too....Kassidy is on the 8th grade team and the JV team, Nolan is on the 8th grade team, Kennedy is on the 5th grade team and Nikki is on the 4th grade team (at another school). I love to watch them play too and try to get to as many of their games as I can.

Go Team!


Amanda said...

Good luck!!!

oceans5 said...

That will be a lot of fun this season. Good luck to all your players:)

Tracy said...

ooooo-i can't wait for our first basketball game. FRIDAY NIGHT!

GOOD LUCK and have fun!!!

LOVE the sidebar pics!!!

Coach J said...

NOW you're talking my language! ;)
We play tonight and Saturday night. Tough, tough game tonight.
I hope your kids play hard, and fast, and that they both win!

Teresa said...

I heard the ref last night was a little rough. :)


Jonatha said...

I love the new pictures! I think I've figured out why basketball is so popular in the north - it's too cold for anything else! Some of our friends sent their cows to Florida so they didn't have to spend so much feeding up over the winter - they had to pay for feed all summer due to the drought!

hope4grace said...

I love basketball, you don't freeze your tush off trying to watch it.....go home team

Myrna said...

Good Luck!

Backetball is my family's game. Our boys played and now our grandsons play on kids rec leagues. We'll see if they play in school. One son is a high school coach. His season has started. A BUSY time of year!

kristi said...

You're such a good aunt to go to all those games...My girls always say, "Aunt Chris was there mom!" and they are so excited. You are a blessing to them. They feel so special when family comes to watch them.

Courtney was awesome last night! She doesn't get it from her Aunt Kristi!