Friday, January 11, 2008


This has been one busy week!

Lets see, where do I start??!! We are trying to get some corn hauled out...have 22 loads to do this month. It's not too bad if we wouldn't have all this other "stuff" thrown in the mix too.

Had the year end appointment at the bank on almost all day process (those of you who farm will appreciate the time put in ahead of time for this appointment....thank goodness Chad does most of that).

Chad is going to some marketing meetings so he was gone all day time to get caught up on housework and READ (I actually finished a book this week....only took me 2 weeks)! Doubleheader basketball game on Tuesday evening, so both kids played. We lost both of those games.

Wednesday the kids had 4-H in the was our turn to provide lunch too.

Yesterday Jeremy had a game at home but my nephew also played so I was there by 4:00. Long night!

Basketball in Aberdeen tonight for Courtney....long drive, about 2 hours.

Basketball doubleheader tomorrow....JV starting at niece plays on the JV so I plan on going right away at 4:00....another long night!

Hopefully next week won't be quite so busy and I will have more time to Blog!


hope4grace said...

Make sure you schedule some nap time in there! Would love to see some basketball action shots of the kids!

amy said...

YOu werent kidding..YOu are one busy family, but sounds fun!

Lisa said...

You're one busy lady! I haven't thought about 4-H in a long time. I really enjoyed it in my youth...ha, makes me sound pretty old! Now that I'm living in suburbia, kids around here know nothing about 4-H...glad it's still alive and kicking. I participated in the crop clubs, and the less agricultural ones like cooking, knitting and etiquette. Judging in 4-H is a skill that I wish most kids could learn - great experience and really good for critical thinking.

kdwhorses said...

You have been busy!! We have been missing you! Hope you have a great weekend!!

oceans5 said...

You did have a busy week. Hope things slow down for you soon:)

Rose said...

Variety is the spice of life! Sorry to hear the kids lost a game. We lost both of ours on Thursday. But the Pep Band sounded marvelous!

Joyce said...

I envy you to have all that corn to sell at the price it is today. My Hubby is selling ahead for next fall. We have a couple of loads to take to town if the ground get solid enough to get the tractor on it. Well good luck on the basketball game and I pray they win.

Love and Hugs,

Midlife Mom said...

Wow! I don't think I could keep up with you this week!!! What a schedule! These are fun times though and you will miss them when they are over and done with. I used to run like that when my son was in sports after working all day. When I think about it now I can't imagine doing it all but I sure loved it at the time!

Pam said...

WHEW! I'm out of breath just reading this!

You know Chris, this post got my hubby and I to talking about how we take our farmers for granted. How many of us really stop and think about all the man hours and stress that go into our groceries! I feel I could learn so much from y'all if I could just spen a week or so with you. (I'd probably be dead from exhaustion by the end of the week!)

Lori said...

Whew is right. You did have a busy week.
All fun activities.

Lori said...

Whew is right. You did have a busy week.
All fun activities.

Tracy said...

Yikes...I am tired just reading all of that!!

You are so supportive. I enjoy that about you!!

Crystal said...

Having 2 kids will keep a family busy, won't it? You have my condolences on the bank visit - I understand that one completely. It would be fun to chat more someday about Canadian vs American situations. Enjoy these days with your kids - soon you two will be at home alone :))