Thursday, April 3, 2008

Blue Man Group

We caught a show while in Vegas.....the Blue Man Group! We had VIP passes and got to go backstage and meet one of them and ask him questions after the show. It was an AWESOME show and I would highly recommend it. They are coming to SF shortly for all of you that are is definitely something to see!!! Me, Crystal, Jim,Blue Man, Chad, Wayne and Laurie
Laurie and another one of the Blue Man Group out front.
(check out the security man's hair)
Me and one of the Blue Man Group out front.
We went to the Dan Marino restaurant at Hooters and ate Ribs the last night.
Wayne and Chad in a Hooter Cart. Look at those smiles on their faces!!!!


Jonatha said...

We have always wanted to see the Blue Man group! How neat! They make appearances by us pretty frequently, we just haven't taken the time to go. I can't believe that security guards hair!

amy said...

that sounds like fun!

Amber Kay said...

Now the boys just need some Hooters girls to go in the Hooters cart.

Michelle said...

I want to know how you got VIP passes. Looks like you had a good time!

*~*Cece*~* said...

Lucky girl! All the times we've gone to Vegas we've never caught their show!

Midlife Mom said...

Wow! you sure have been busy since I have been away!! I had a lot of reading and looking to do! What a great time you all had in Vegas, I'm glad you got so many good pictures! What is a Jello Shot??? Do I need to get off the farm too?? ha!

Rising Rainbow said...

I spotted that hair right off the bat! Forget Hooters, that hair is the hoot.

Tracy said...

i was also wondering where the hooters girls were. THEN we'd see SMILES!! hehe!

i saw that the blue man group was coming to sioux falls.

i guess we've settled for the DOODLEBOPS! :(

Kerrie said...

Those blue dudes freak me out!

Joyce said...

They are awesome are they not. What great pictures. I am glad you enjoyed yourselves. What great memories.

Love and Hugs,