Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The kids had their first track meet last Tuesday. I didn't get any pictures from that one and it was a very small meet, only 3 teams. I did remember to bring my camera yesterday for their 2nd meet so I took a few pictures. This was quite a large meet.....13 teams! Jeremy throwing shot put....he placed 4th.
Courtney throwing shot put....she placed 2nd.
Courtney again...shot put.
Jeremy throwing discus...he placed 6th. Courtney also placed 6th in discus but I forgot to take a picture of her throwing.
Courtney getting ready to run the Medley relay. She usually runs the 2nd leg of this relay but for some reason she started it yesterday. They placed 2nd in this relay. Courtney was also in the 400 relay and they did not place.
It was a really nice day for a track meet....a little windy but it was actually warm. A little different than not quite a week ago. Notice most of the snow is gone already!


amy said...

Fun!! YOu are such a proud mama!

Momma Roar said...


What fun memories that brings back
for me!

I've really enjoyed your blog and following your children through their HS sports - takes me back! Thanks!!

Just Mom said...

YAY! Nice work Courtney and Jeremy.



Just Mom said...

I just jinxed it, didn't I.

Teresa said...

I was wondering how everyone did in that wind. Yikes!

Great action shots!

OneCowgirl said...

Love the prom pics! You are busy, busy, busy between the farm and your kiddos!

Jamie said...

Your kids stay so parents too for that matter...but how wonderful to have so many memories!!

Rising Rainbow said...

Track in the snow doesn't sound like fun, no wonder there were only three teams the last time.

I hope the snow stays away so the kids can have good weather to compete.

Kris said...

Great job! Way to go Courtney and Jeremy! Great action shots!

Crystal said...

You guys are one busy family!! Our girls did track so I can just picture you sitting there and waiting for all the action. We are supposed to get snow this weekend - I'm glad we don't have cows and calves this spring. But our neighbors auction sale will be a disaster, I'm afraid. Hope you find some time to relax these days :))

Tracy said...

Yeah!! Great job!!

I remember being quite chilly at track meets.

Myrna said...

I'm catching up1 You have been busy lately with the calves, plays, concerts, snow storms, etc1

Courtney and Jeremy are great kids. Yay for them!

I went to quite a few track meets back in the day. One of my sons ws a runner. Did pretty well at it. Track not my favorite spectator sport--too much waiting for things to happen! I liked the events, just not the waiting. Give me a good basketball game any day! But, I'll watch anything if one of my kids or grands is in it! :-)

Rose said...

Congrats to both kids on their track meet results!

When my oldest daughter graduated we had her graduation party outside, in the back yard. Our patio had a pergola type thing over it so we wrapped all the joists with white Christmas lights. Then we strung some crepe paper and hung some banners. It looked pretty festive.

The food was set out on the pergola. We had great big jars with spigots that we filled with iced tea and lemonade for drinks for all the kids (we had a big tub of beer for the adults;). In the yard we set up a couple of big tents (borrowed) and set tables and chairs (rented) up under them. It gave everyone a shady spot to sit so they didn't get too hot.

Don't worry too much, as long as everyone has a full belly and a place to sit...they'll all enjoy the party ;)

Have fun!