Thursday, May 15, 2008

Movin' Cows

We have been moving cows the last few days. We got 64 cow/calf pairs moved to pasture but are taking a break from that today.

The kids have their last track meet today. The meet is about an hour and a half away....bummer...I traveling that far for activities.

Chad was hoping to get some corn planted today but a rain shower decided to move through our area....bummer again. Hopefully he can go this afternoon. We have lots of planting and spraying to do!!!


Jamie said...

Have fun at the track meet! I hope Chad gets to plant some corn this afternoon!

Farmchick said...

Hope you get your planting done.

We finally got some moisture last week. Seven inches of snow on Saturday and 70 hundreths of rain before that! It dried up quickly though and we are out in the field again.

Jonatha said...

I love reading about your farm work!

kdwhorses said...

Always busy! There is never a dull moment on a farm or ranch!! I have friends that are always saying I am bored at home, come stay with me for a day or so and you won't be bored!
Good luck with the track meet! I hear ya, I do not like driving either! I am a home body!