Monday, May 26, 2008

This and That

I FINALLY got my garden planted.....YIPEE! Not alot in it this year....spinach (which my kids LOVE), lettuce, brussel sprouts (never tried growing these before but my kids really like them), green beans, peas, cucumbers, dill, squash, tomatoes and green peppers. I hope to get some salsa made this year, we have none left....and hopefully some dill pickles too.

Courtney played Taps on her trumpet at a Memorial Day service today. She did very good and it was a great program. Jeremy and Chad....well, they were working while we attended the program. Courtney and I had to make a run for soybean seed as soon as the program was done, didn't even get to stick around and enjoy bars and coffee.

Courtney's relay team didn't qualify for the finals at the State Track meet but they did good and I did get to go watch her on Friday at the prelims. The rest of the kids did good too, unfortunately nobody placed so we didn't even get any points. Oh well, having 11 kids out of the 20 kids out for track qualify for the State Meet is GREAT!

More work to do tomorrow....hopefully we can finish up with the planting this week. Both kids have dentist appointments tomorrow, the track awards program is tomorrow night and Courtney has a softball game tomorrow night too. Always on the go around here!! Hope you all had a good Memorial Day.


nickernoodle said...

You are one busy girl!!!! It was a very busy weekend for us too. I will post about it later this week. Just don't feel like blogging today.

Jeff and Erin said...

Glad you got your garden planted. Yum..homemade salsa..sounds delicious! I'm trying to use up what we have left from the canning last summer too..we still have quite a bit left but I have a feeling all that will be gone before we get more produce out of the garden.

We planted our tomato's yesterday and still have yet to plant our peppers. I was kinda worried about it getting so cold last night but it only got down to 44 here so that's not too bad :)!

Have a great day!

kdwhorses said...

Woo Hoo on the garden! We planted a few things this year-squash, jalpenos, tomatoes, watermelon. Savannah picked them out! LOL!
Very busy you are!
I know I have been, it is the last week of school here and I am counting down the days! End of school party tomorrow, early release on Thursday and Kindergarten graduation on Friday! I am ready to have her home for the summer! But like hubby says it is always busy here! LOL! Have a great day!

Just Mom said...

Your garden sounds yummy.

Coach J said...

Hope your garden does well!
We're busy, busy, busy here too so I can understand all that running. Enjoy the summer activities :)

Jennifer said...

What?! No zucchini? (I know I probably spelled that wrong)

Pam said...

Girlfriend! You ARE one busy gal. Just keep on enjoying those kids.
I hope your garden does well and we'll get to see great photos of wholesome delicious veggies at harvest time!