Monday, May 19, 2008

Yeah Eric!

My brother graduated on Saturday. His degree is in Marketing and Management. I am so proud of him! If anybody knows of a job East River let me know!! Eric with Mom and Grandma.
The 4 of us....Rochelle, Me,Eric and Cheryl
Doing our usual "goofy" stuff. We get kinda crazy when we all get together.
Eric with his nieces and nephews (except Jeremy, he had to stay home to help get the corn planted).
Pat (step-dad), Eric and Mom.


amy said...

Congrats to him, what wonderful pics. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Just Mom said...


Congratulations, Eric.

Amanda said...

Congratulations Eric!

nickernoodle said...

Congrats Eric!!! Chris, you are so tan! You look wonderful. I look like Casper the ghost. I better head to the tanning booth and quick since the weather is getting so nice. FINALLY!

Amber Kay said...

I noticed too that you're so tan! You look great!!

In reference to your question: Of course she did!! How could I saw no to that? Plus her idea of "treats" is a Lunchable and "sparkle" (sparkling) water!

Tracy said...

Lookin' good Chris!!

CONGRATS ERIC!! Good luck on the job hunt!

Sharon said...

Looks like Eric is enjoying the being crazy stuff however. Great photos and best wishes to Eric.

Kerrie said...

Holy cats are you tan!