Wednesday, July 16, 2008

They Made It!

We heard from Kasey and Jeremy this morning via e-mail. They made it safely to Norway. Kasey says it is beautiful. Jeremy didn't have a whole lot to say yet...he is a man of few words. I am hoping to hear from him by phone some time in the next few days.

Courtney is gone to a volleyball team camp today and tomorrow. So.....I had the house to myself today. I got a few odds and ends done around the house and finally got my words that I bought from an uppercase living party hung up on the wall (with some help from Laurie.....thanks Laurie). If you have never been to an uppercase living party, I would strongly suggest going to one...they have awesome things.


kdwhorses said...

Glad to hear they made it safely! Keep us posted!

Uppercase living? YOu need to post about this! I have no idea what you are talking about!

Have a great day! And enjoy no kids!

Tracy said...

Glad the kids made it safely. I am sure they are going to have a blast! I do hope they take pictures so you can share!!

Speaking of pictures...take one of your decor!

Treasia said...

Glad to hear the kids made it safely there. UpperCase living has some really nice things. I love the lettering especially for weddings and receptions.

Midlife Mom said...

Go Jeremy!!! What an awesome trip! I would love to go to Norway!!!! I hope he takes lots of pictures that you can post so that we can see the things that he sees.
I've got to check out that uppercase living. Sounds good, don't know if we have it around here or not but I'm going to check. Thanks for giving the link.

Jennifer said...

Hmmm... neat website. I'm glad the kids got to their destination safely :)

Amber Kay said...

I love UL living stuff!!
I wonder if the popularity of it is just in our area?

Amanda said...

I can imagine my conversation regarding Norway with my son....

Mom - How's Norway
Alex - Fine. Got to go mom. Bye

He's a man of little words as well.

glad the kids made it to their destinations safely

Penless Thoughts said...

Glad he's there safely.

Farmchick said...

Sounds like you guys are busy! Glad that the journey to Norway was a safe one!

What Uppercase Living words or saying did you chose?? I would love to see a picture.