Tuesday, August 26, 2008

College Bound

We have been packing things up for Jeremy....getting ready to move him into his dorm on Sunday. Anybody have any tip, hints, tricks, suggestions on what to send with him or things you couldn't have lived without in college. Chad and I both went to vo-tech and stayed at home so we are new to this whole college experience! Jeremy with his girlfriend Stephanie and Courtney.
I don't think I ever posted that he has a girlfriend. They have been "going out" since the end of June and she is his first "real" girlfriend. That should be interesting with him going off to college too, she is a senior here at the school Jeremy graduated from. Lots of new changes for him.


oceans5 said...

How exciting! I am sure he is going to love it.:) You must be so proud of him.:)

Penless Thoughts said...

How far away is he going to be? If you've said I've missed it.

Amber Kay said...

I couldn't have lived without money for beer.
Wait...don't tell my parents that's where all of their cash went!

Joyce said...

Cloths that can been washed together and not color any other pieces of clothing. Of cource money. Also, stamped envelopes and writing paper. Free minutes so He can call home.

Love and Hugs,

Heidi Jo said...

i am blown away by all of the cool college gear now days. i was with a girlfriend of mine in a store one day, and we were lamenting why they didn't have such cool stuff when we were in college. then she reminded me that, they probably did...but college kids didn't use to be able to afford it.

college was about sparse-ness then. now, like everything, it's about excess.

i wouldn't have a clue what is needed anymore.... wait, that kind of ages me doesn't it!


No great suggestions. Maybe favorite canned foods of his. I moved back home to commute after my first semester. I was lucky to live 30 minutes from my college.

Good luck.

Tracy said...

I shower caddy was always handy for me and a robe. I am not sure what he has available to him. Wait...is he living in a dorm room?? I should have read your post better...sorry.

Midlife Mom said...

Lots of snacks for those late night studying times! Does he have one of those dorm refrigerators?

kdwhorses said...

How exciting for him! And no we didn't know about the girlfriend! No ideas with dorm stuff~haven't been there done that yet!