Friday, November 21, 2008


Chad got the heater fixed in my tractor and I was nice and toasty warm in there yesterday...even took my coveralls off for most of the day! Had a few "minor" problems this morning that we got taken care of and one "major" problem that we are headin' out to deal with before we head to the field for the day. My father-in-law's calves got out last night and we have to round them all up. He just weaned them a week ago so this could be really interesting getting them to go where we want them and trying to keep them from getting back together with their mamas! Oh least I have HEAT!


Heidi Jo said...

fixin' the heat in your tractor? now that is love.

my mother-in-law is always less than enthusiastic when she hears that for christmas she's getting a 'tractor' :0)

It's All Good! said...

Glad you have heat!
Since I'm a cityslicker, how do you get the calves back with their mama's?
Have a great weekend.
Brenda :)

Tracy said...

Gotta love heat!!

Have a great weekend!!

Sharon said...

So happy to hear you have HEAT.
I don't work well when I'm cold.
Have a good weekend.

Joyce said...

Praise God for heat. I know what you mean when you have heater problems. Good to read you are back in the field. So you have not had any snow. We are lucky. Monday we got 3 in. and today none. Just north of us they had to cancel schools and a lot of finder benders with the first major snow. Have a great weekend and good luck with the calves.

Love and Hugs,

kdwhorses said...

Woo Hoo heat!

Good luck with the calves!

farm lady said...

Hope you get your calves rounded up. Our cows and calves got out into the neighbor's cornfield. I was on my way to my daughter's ballgame when I discovered them. Hubby told me to stay there and wait till he got there. He brought the four wheeler and had me use that. I was in jeans and small coat because I was dressed to go to a ball game. It wasn't fun trying to get cows out of a cornfield in the dark and I was a little "chilly" by the time we were finished. My thought when it was all through......this won't be that last time this happens!

Farmchick said...

Heat is GOOD!!! It's miserable to do anything when you are cold!!!

We are STILL harvesting's slow going lately. Hope things are going well your way.