Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Review

We had a good weekend! We got some corn harvested and got the field we were working on fenced off and the cows moved there. Now we won't have to feed quite as much hay.

The kids had their Recognition Day for 4-H yesterday. Jeremy graduated from 4-H and won several major 4-H awards. I asked him if he will miss 4-H and he said "yes, but I am really going to miss the Shooting Sports part of it the most". He is considering becoming a Shooting Sports Instructor.

Heading off this morning to load some more hogs. We will empty the last barn. The kids (Jeremy, Kasey and Nolan) have both of the other barns power-washed already....they are AWESOME!


Heidi Jo said...

so glad to hear that some corn has come in! i was beginning to wonder if it would still be there in the spring.

Tracy said...

I was wondering about how you were doing as we were driving to and from Sioux Falls and saw lots of corn still in the fields.

Penless Thoughts said...

Glad to hear you got some of that corn up. I've been praying for you in this area :o)

Amanda said...

Okay – am I the only one who is wondering where the hogs go? You load them and clean out their barns and then what? Hog resorts for the winter?

Michelle said...

I think Jeremy would make a good shooting sports instructor!