Thursday, December 18, 2008


I have been pretty boring lately, I know! Nothing extremely exciting going on around here.

Courtney has had 4 games now and her team has won all 4....yeah.

I have been busy selling cookbooks and other fundraisers for this years Prom (the Junior class parents are always in charge of that).

Jeremy is taking finals this week so he has been back and forth a few times. He gets bored not having class so he comes home to help out here.

My poor pigs are sick so I have been spending alot of time with them. I don't know what is worse, sick kids or sick pigs!!

All the Christmas gifts are bought and wrapped and I have all the fixin's for Christmas dinner bought but I still need to do some more baking.

And......I really need to get my house cleaned!


Tracy said...

How exactly does a person know if their pigs are sick???

Just wondering!!

Congrats to Courtney on the wins!!

Our girls and boys won the other night at Tri Valley. The girls had another close game. Won by 1 point!!

Sharon said...

congrats to Courtney's winning her games and may it continue.
I like Tracy was wondering how you know a pig is sick?
Stay warm, it is so cold here and we are having freezing fog right now, but are to get 3-5" later today.
I am ready for warm weather.
God bless

oceans5 said...

Yeah for having things done! I didn't know a pig could actually get sick enough to need to be taken care of. What happens when they get sick?

Crystal said...

You are way ahead of me with preparations for Christmas! Congrats - now sit back and enjoy everything. I will eventually get there :))

When you did your post about cookies, you asked me about icing sugar. It must be the same as powdered sugar, I think. It's very fine, almost has the texture of cornstarch. Off to bake gingersnaps - the peanut blossoms are cooling - yum!!

It's All Good! said...

Doesn't sound too boring to me!
Glad Courtney & her team is doing so well.
God bless,
Brenda :)

Momma Roar said...

I can't believe you already have everything bought for Christmas dinner. I'm not sure I even have enough groceries to get through the weekend! HA!

Have a great day!!

kdwhorses said...

You have been busy! Goodness! I hear ya busy around here too! Glad today is the last day of school before break! Doctoring a couple of sick horses too! HOpe everyone gets well!

Finishing shopping this afternoon! Take a deep breath and eat a piece of chocolate!

Heidi Jo said...

boring? that sounds far from boring!

sick pigs huh? what can be done about that? shots?

Penless Thoughts said...

I'm amazed you've gotten any of those "inside" extra's done!!!

Farmchick said...

Poor piggies....maybe you should bring them in the house!! lol

Sounds like you have acomplished a lot!! I don't have our gifts wrapped and I still need to clean up the house! We have been running to programs and bball games for the last two weeks.

Did you figure out what things you are going to be baking??

COLD here....50 below windchill right now. FUN FUN FUN!!!

Hope4Grace said...

You are so far ahead of me.

Go Courtney! Basketball rocks.

Lori said...

You sure have been busy.
Glad you got lots of things done and ready for Christmas.(I'm almost ready...I'm still making some gifts)
Merry Christmas to you and your family.