Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Storm Cleanup

Here is a photo of the "storm cleanup"!
It is really beautiful out but not quite so beautiful for Chad as he has to push all the snow in the yard so we can get around.

The pigs got here safely last night and are now snuggling up in a clean and toasty warm barn. It was pretty nasty out last night when we unloaded them and they were hilarious coming off the truck into the snow. I am heading out to check on them in just a little bit.


SAH in Suburbia said...

Wow, it's raining hard here and 6C. I'm not sure what weather I like most. People say that 'at least you don't have to shovel rain' but it sure makes for dreary days!

Sharon said...

We had rain all day on Monday and then by 6:00 PM it was freezing and then turned to snow. We have winds of 40+ today. It was a icy coming to work. It took me over an hour to go 30 miles.
I am ready for spring!!!
Stay safe and warm
God bless.

amy said...

be safe.Seriously, you would be ablast to hand out with!!!

I want to see snow but just for a minute

kdwhorses said...

White stuff! We have a cold front coming in tonight!

You've been busy as always! Glad the pigs are safe and sound in there new home!

Crystal said...

We got snow and cold on the weekend too. Tonight it's going up to 40 degrees and raining. And then by the weekend it's down to -15 again. Crazy!!!

Love the tractor with the snow and sunlight but it's so much work, I remember!! Glad the pigs got there safely. There's always a ton to do on a farm, isn't there?!

I shared a recipe back on your cookie post. Enjoy!!

Vickie said...

If I show this picture to my 7 year old he would beg to move. He wants snow so badly! Last year we only had one morning that it snowed and by 10 it was already melting away. It's been a couple years since he has had a good snow to play in. But I'm content just looking at pictures. lol

Take Care :)

Farmchick said...

Wow that's a lot of pigs!!! How old are they when they get to you?

I am sorry I have not stopped by for awhile I am trying to catch up!!!

By the looks of our winter so far I think we are in for a lot of snow too!!!

Amanda said...

Alex is all about shoveling snow! And mom is all about letting him shovel the snow!!!

Tracy said...

I don't mind snow until after Christmas...then it can GO A.WAY.

It made me smile when you said you were going to "go check on the pigs"


Michelle said...

I love that picture. We only got a little bit...just enough to have to shovel the sidewalk, but not enough to have to clean the driveway. I like it when it finally gets white and covers the dreary ground!