Friday, February 6, 2009

Feedin' Cows

I took my camera out with me this morning while doing chores to get a few pictures of the cows when I feed them.
One big fat one leading the way for me.

The end of the line.....look at them chowin' down!

I've really gotten to know some of their personalities while feeding them. I know the timid ones and the "pushy" ones, the sloooow ones and the ones that try to beat me to the bunk and the really dumb ones! That's something I have never gotten to see because normally I spend most of my time with them during calving season and I just get to see the "motherly" side of them. It's been a whole new experience for me.


Amanda said...

That picture reminds me of thanksgiving at my aunts house

I didn’t even know cows had “personalities” I love the one who is looking at the camera – never too hungry to get in a photo opt!

Jodi said...

Just like people, huh? All sizes and shapes and personality types.

Brenda said...

Love that first pic! It looks freezing, makes me want to wrap up in a blanket.
Hope Chad is doing well.
God bless

Sharon said...

Love the photos. I too did not know that cows had personalities.
Hope Chad is doing ok and that he truly knows just how hard you work.
God bless

Susan said...

I know it's lots of HARD work but it's neat that they have the different personalities and that you are learning that. I surely never knew that. To me a cow is a cow!!!

Midlife Mom said...

As my grandmother used to say, you sure have your hands full and your britches to hold up now! I can't imagine having all of those animals to take care of. Hope Chad is improving each day. He must hate to see you out doing all that work.
I know what you mean about the fast snowmobiles. My sons is fast and he just bought one for my granddaughter who is only 7!!! Why grandmothers get gray hair!!! Hers is slow but I still worry.

amy said...

ok this really is the coolest blog..Love the pics

Joyce said...

So cows have personalities like sows and pigs have. I pray Hubby is geting better each day.

kdwhorses said...

Great work! They do have such personalities!

Hope Chad is getting better!

Farmchick said...

It is funny how each cow has a distinct personality....and they ARE just like people!

Rising Rainbow said...

There is a plus side to all of this. Learning about their personalities has to make the work a little more personable, I would think. Kind of like making new friends, maybe?

Michelle said...

Ah, so sweet. Love the fat one leading the way. Kind of reminds me of me.