Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Just thought I would show some pictures we took at the last boys basketball game.
Steph (Jeremy's girlfriend), Jeremy, me and Courtney

Me and Laurie

Courtney and me....see, she really does still like me even though she is a teenager.


Susan said...

Hey, I like the glasses!

kdwhorses said...

Great pics! Looks like alot of fun was had! The glasses are great!

You too do look alike!

Crystal said...

You are so smart to take all these marvelous pictures with the kids at their events. I wish we had taken more over the years. Love the kiss one :))

Hope the weather is improving for you. Some farms just 2 or 3 miles away from us reported -43 degrees C last night! That's -45 degrees F which is wicked cold. We are supposed to go back up near zero by the weekend but that means the snow starts again. I hope calving holds off for you! Take care!! We are praying for Chad too.

Vickie said...

Love those glasses! Looks like you all were having a blast. Cherish the moments! And cherish the kiss because if your teen is like mine she can be smooch'n and huggin on me one minute and the next she is giving me that eye roll and looking at me as if I came from mars or something.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my long ramble. I know there are good teachers and I'm hoping next year will be better. Thank You for your kind words they mean a lot. Take Care :)

gnome02 said...

Nice glasses! I can't believe mom agreed to a picture!!!

Amanda said...

HA - love the glasses!

Vickie said...

Come on by I have something for you. Take Care :)

Joyce said...

Love them all. What great pictures of a fun event.

Love and Hugs,