Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Play Practice

Courtney has a small part in this years High School Play. She has done hair and make-up in the past and had a non-speaking roll but this year she actually gets to speak on stage! They started practices a few weeks ago but have really stepped up the practices...practicing every day after school and on Saturdays too.


Sharon said...

Way to go Courtney and the best of luck to you in your play.
God bless.

Just Mom said...


I loved performing in plays when I was in high school and college.

Susan said...

Gppd for her getting a speaking part.

Michelle said...

When is the play? Elijah switched schools this year and the new school has their play during the Cross Country way for him to do both. A bummer for me. I love watching him perform.

Amanda said...

I loved theater when I was in high school! She’ll have a blast!

Best of luck! What’s the play?

Midlife Mom said...

Can't wait to see some pictures of Courtney in the play! Get that camera ready Mom!!! BTW what is the play?