Thursday, July 9, 2009

Madyson and Courtney

Courtney decided to show our dog Madyson at the 4-H Achievement Day Dog Show this year. She has been working pretty hard trying to get this young dog (who just turned one year old) to learn all the things she needs to do for the show.

Here they are practicing the long down (3 minutes laying down without getting up and coming back to Courtney). They have practice every Wednesday and Saturday in town but Courtney has had to miss several with her busy schedule. She has been pretty good about working with her at home when she has the time too. Just another new thing in our schedule but we are really enjoying it so far.


Crystal said...

You are definitely having a busy summer!! But those are the best kind - they make lots of memories. Glad to hear you had your mammogram. I had my physical this week too - good thing to check off the list and have no worries! I am so blessed to be healthy. I love reading your updates - have a great day!!

Sharon said...

What a great photo of Courtney and Madyson. Hope she has good luck showing her.
You sure do sound very busy all the time.

Farmchick said...

Good luck to Courtney in showind the doggie! :) Hope all is well with you and your crops are growing like wild! :) Happy weekend.

amy said...

Love the pics!! You have such a fun family