Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We will be harvesting the winter wheat this week....FINALLY!

Courtney in the wheat!

Hopefully I can get some harvest pictures too.


Sarah said...

She is so photogenic!

Susan said...

The beauty of your daughter :o)

I love the picture in the wheat because we know that God is going to separate the tares from the wheat when He returns. We don't see a lot of wheat around Tulsa. We do see a lot of soybeans.

Tracy said...


Cheryl said...

She is so beautiful!
Good job at taking it.

Sharon said...

Beautiful photos.
I also wanted to let you know that your bread looked so yummy.
Did you get that bad storm that hit there the other night?
My mom's town was really hit hard with hail.
God bless

Farmchick said...

Great pictures! :) Good luck on the harvest....we won't be harvesting until September this year.

Just Mom said...