Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Busy Week

We have a really busy week this week. Volleyball was away last night and also away (2 hours) on Thursday night. Football is away (2 hours) on Friday night and then a volleyball tourney all day Saturday. I don't know how Courtney does it, I have a hard time keeping up and I am just watching.

We are going to start cutting silage tomorrow....yeah, finally! Should be interesting juggling that, the job and Courtney's schedule.


Heidi Jo said...

busy. when does it slow down? oh yeah, when we're dead:)

Sharon said...

I am so glad those days of school games are behind me. I know at the time tho I never realized how tired I was till they ended.

Michelle said...

The boys and I were just talking about your farm and wondered if you had done silage yet. (We were driving by a fresh silage pile when the topic came up.)

Joyce said...

Wow, you have been busy. I remember when and miss it some days. We now just watch.

Farmers in my part of Indiana have been doing silage for 2 weeks. Today we saw combins in a field picking corn. I don't want their lp gas bill. Good luck with your harvest.

Love and Hugs,

Sarah said...

Enjoy it chris. You'll be missing this come next year.