Monday, September 21, 2009


It is homecoming week this week here! Busy, busy and Fun, Fun! Lots of great memories will be made this week.

Courtney is one of the homecoming candidates, along with 3 of her best friends and 4 awesome boys. The king and queen will be chosen tonight and any one of them is very deserving of the honor!

Tell me about some of your high school homecoming memories!


Sarah said...

Good luck COURTNEY!

Sharon said...

Good luck to Courtney.
I remember a Homecoming when my #1 son was in the 7th grade but was asked to be in the High School band and march at homecoming. I was so proud of what he had done in band.
Now his daughter marches in the Tulsa high school band.
Have fun and I hope to see some photos.

Susan said...

I'd vote for Courtney but I love your attitude about all the girls. I thought Homecoming was usually around Thanksgiving time.

Tracy said...

Homecoming week was always fun. All the festivities. I cheered so that was always a good time. I suppose we went to the homecoming dance too.

Do kids even do that anymore??

Cheryl said...

Good Luck Courtney!

nickernoodle said...

Good luck to Courtney! I was always in flag corps and loved marching in the parade and doing the halftime show. Now I am the director of it and get to have the fun all over again. Sometimes its sad though because I still look back into the band expecting to see all my friends there. Have a great time and good luck to all the candidates!!!