Monday, November 16, 2009

Snow Queen

Courtney was in the local Snow Queen contest two weekends ago. She did not win but she had a lot of fun that day and it was a great experience for her.

Here she is announcing herself and her sponsor (which was Community Insurance, her Uncle Bryon's company).
Courtney with 2 of her favorite cousins (Kennedy and Booker) that were there to support her.

Courtney and her best friend Tayler.

Some of her best friends and classmates....
Cassie, Hannah, Courtney and Tasha, Josh and Kyle


Susan said...

What fun and I love her, and your attitude. We can't win, or be the best at everything but we still should participate and she does. And wins a LOT!!!

Sharon said...

That was great that she was entered.
I really like that dress that she has on.
She is so beautiful.

amy said...

SHe is so pretty, thanks for sharing pics with us

Amanda said...

Good for her for participating in the contest! That dress was made for her!

Just Mom said...

I love how active she is in sports and other activities.