Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We are done with the soybean harvest....WHEW!
On a "normal" year, we are usually done with the the whole harvest by now but it has been one long and STRANGE year. onto the corn harvest which is going to be one LONG process! We are going to have to run everything through the dryer and that takes TIME!

Please continue to pray for a safe harvest for ALL farmers.


Sharon said...

Glad to hear that harvesting is coming along. Prayers that the weather stays nice so the farmers can get the crops out, here they are about 3 weeks behind.
I also enjoyed reading about Courtney in her concert.
Glad you got to do a little shopping.
Thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

My prayers with all of you who are so important in the food chain that reaches our tables.

oceans5 said...

Congrats on finishing. Good luck with the corn harvest.:)Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately. I gotta work on that. :)

Just Mom said...