Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One more down, one to go!

We have finished up the soybean harvest!! YIPPEE

Now we only have corn harvest to go. We started the corn harvest yesterday, hopefully we continue to be blessed with the wonderful weather we have had so far this fall.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I have never gone to a blog before, but feel a need to see if there is anyone else out there. We farm too, today should be the last day of beans. Then we have a lot of corn and a lot of weekends of Pheasant Hunting. I don't drive truck or tractor too often, I am the meal wagon for all the help, go for person for everyone, and help move all the equipment. We have two children at home yet, and the first ones are in college. I am the cook and hostess for all of our lease hunting groups. At the moment, I feel way too over whelmed, This is not my dream, it is my husbands. Yes, it is a great life and a great country, but I want to have some time to be me. All he ever talks about is the farm.

Farmchick said...

Hope you can keep moving along with your harvest. Lately, we have had great harvest weather....we are nearing the end of flax but not quite done yet! Come say hi! :)

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Anonymous....the farm can be overwhelming a lot of the time! Trying to take care of the kids and the house and the schedules and being the meal wagon is work! I am one of those in the field driving the equipment and I can tell you the meal wagon is surely appreciated! I suggest you talk to your hubby about taking some time for yourself doing something that you enjoy. Without you, the farm would not be what it is! Feel free to email me if you want...ccjcnoem@itctel.com

Crystal said...

Good luck with the next part! We too have had marvelous weather and so much is getting done by everyone up here! Today it was +75 degrees F and sunny.

Anonymous - farming is a huge committment by everyone. I know that sometimes I just want to run away and hide :) and I grew up on a farm so it's always been part of my life! I've joined the Gratitude Community at A Holy Experience and when I feel lowest and most bogged down, counting the little gifts in every day makes a huge difference for me. Perhaps you might consider reading over there too. I pray that you might find peace and some time for yourself each day.

Chris - thanks for letting me respond to that post too. Take care!