Monday, November 1, 2010


This year we actually carved a pumpkin!
We have not carved a pumpkin in a LONG, LONG time!
We are usually really busy working on the harvest on Halloween but this year we have had a little time to do some fun things. And....the kids are old enough now that they don't get overly excited about carving pumpkins, or so I thought. We made it a family ordeal and we had many laughs and an all-around good time.
The finished pumpkins. Chad carved one and Courtney painted one.

Courtney working on her pumpkin.

Chad carving away!


Nezzy said...

There is a true art in hackin' a pumpkin into a marveled Jack-O-Lantern but I adore the little painted pumpkin sweetie. Soooo cute!

God bless ya and have a magnificent Monday!!!

Joyce said...

So glad this was a family time and a good one. I love both of the pumpkins.

Love and Hugs,

Heidi Jo said...

those are both really cute. i'd love to make this a tradition.

Sharon said...

It has been a long time since I have carved a pumpkin to.
I love both of them, I really like the photo of Chad working on his. He has look of determination on his face.
have a great day.

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

We carved pumpkins this year also - it has been awhile since we have.... They lit up the sidewalk for our little gremlins that visited!

SAH in Suburbia said...

Never too old to carve pumpkins, that's for sure! They look great.