Tuesday, July 5, 2011


One of our local small towns (Bryant, SD) held a 125th celebration. The weekend was filled with many activities, visiting with "old" friends and lots of fun.
The great-grandchildren of Clifford and Betty Noem (hubby's grandparents) that were around for the celebration rode on a float in the parade. Our daughter Courtney is in the front of the float in a green "gnome" hat and son Jeremy is driving the ATV pulling the float.

Hubby's dad Al and siblings Sally, Win, Larry, Rollie, Harley and Avis were all raised near Bryant, the town holding the celebration. Here are all the siblings on a float in the very large parade that was held.
Here I am with classmates and very good friends, Jodi on the left and Michelle (also a cousin of mine) on the right. We were best friends in High School and hung out in Bryant lots in those days. Michelle has since moved to Minnesota and Jodi to Watertown but I still do lots of business, go to church and spend lots of time in the town.
Me with cousins Michelle (left) and Staci (right). The were raised just outside of town and their dad was also raised in the area. We spent lots of time with them when we were growing up. It was great to have them back to help celebrate this wonderful small town.
Lots of fun was had by everyone.
I love this little town and LOVE living in this area!


SAH in Suburbia said...

I love small towns. I now live in suburbia and I miss having people know who I am. I go to the SAME grocery store every week and I never see the same people twice....and no one knows me...or my kids....makes me sad.

Heidi Jo said...

small town america....the rest of the country has no idea what they are missing. the best of the best!

Sharon said...

I think that the small towns have the best celebrations.
It is always fun to go to and meet up with friends and family.
Great photos.

Farmchick said...

Looks like a lot of fun.....small towns really know how to whoop it up! Stop on over and say hi.