Monday, April 29, 2013


My sister Cheryl was diagnosed with colorectal cancer a year and a half ago.
She has been through chemo, radiation, surgery to remove the cancer and place an ostomy, hospitalization for dehydration after the first surgery and surgery to reverse the sodomy.
She was a trooper through it all, not even missing a day of work through all the chemo and radiation.  Her job requires a lot of manual labor so that is quite a feat in my eyes!
She is my hero!
 Cheryl has had several clean check-ups in the last year and we feel so blessed and thankful!
The power of prayer is amazing!
We had a whole community behind us!  
They were praying for her......
 and they lined up a benefit for her to help with the incredible medical expenses that come along with cancer, even with good insurance.
The above picture shows all the items that were donated for the silent auction.
A poker run, live auction, pork feed and raffle were also held to help raise money.
We are so blessed to live in such and amazing community and with wonderful friends and relatives that pitched in to help!
All 4 of us siblings and my mom and Grandma were there for the benefit. 
There are only 4 of us kids but it had been several years since we had all been together.
I am going to take this chance to remind all of you to have your colonoscopy done if you are over the age of 50, earlier if colorectal cancer runs in your family or if you are experiencing any symptoms!  It is a relatively easy diagnostic test and well worth the effort!
Give your loved ones a hug and tell them how much you love them....often!
God is good!

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April said...

So amazing that y'all had so much support and that your sister is free and clear. What a blessing.