Monday, April 22, 2013


Chad and I went to Vegas last year for our third time. 
We enjoy Vegas but decided it was going to be awhile before we go back again.....

Until our daughter turned 21 in February....

For her 21st birthday she asked for a trip to Vegas with her mom and grandmas and
any aunts that could go.

I thought it was a little strange but decided I had better act on it because it won't be too many years and she won't want to hang out with her mom!!

I got on the phone with her Gram Phyllis that lives on the other side of the state and she was all over the idea!
 I called  Gram Sharon that lives a mile away and she was interested too.
Unfortunately none of the aunts could do it at this time.

So the planning began...tricky since Courtney is in college and can't miss many classes!
The day before we decided on a date and booked, Gram Sharon decided that she didn't want to go so we invited Gramp Pat that lives on the other side of the state with Gram Phyllis to join us since he has wanted to travel with Gram for a long time now. 

Gram Phyllis, Gramp Pat, Courtney and I will be flying to Vegas the end of May.  It's a few months after her birthday but hey, the date worked for the 4 of us that are going! 

As the time grows closer, I am getting more and more excited!  I haven't traveled with my mom since I was very little and it's going to be a blast to travel with my daughter/best friend!


Tracy said...

Vegas is so much fun!! ENJOY! look amazing!!!

April said...

That's going to be so much fun. I've never been to Vegas but we did go to Louisiana and hit a few casinos. It was a blast. Love the photo. You both look great!

Marie said...

You're right - enjoy the time with your daughter while you can. It sounds like a fun trip! So jealous that you went to Hawaii - I've always wanted to go!