Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chasing Cows

While camping at hubby's family reunion we got a phone call early the first morning to tell us that our cows were out.
We leave the reunion and rush home. 
After loading up the ATV's and Gator, we head to the pasture.
When we got there, we found that we had about 50 cows and 50 calves mixed in with another guys cattle and 2 bulls in another pasture. 
I immediately think it's going to take hours to get them all separated. 
 We get to work getting them sorted and it goes much better than we anticipated!
After about an hour, we got the cows back where they belong and then started on the next pasture to get the bulls where they belong.

Getting the bulls to where they belong took a little longer than we thought. 
This time of the year the bulls are a little stubborn and have one thing on their minds.....cows in heat!
Finally we got the bulls back where they belong and the fence fixed where the cows got out and were on our way back to the reunion.
It was a beautiful morning to chase cows although I don't think I have ever had to wear a stocking cap and gloves to chase cows in July!
Life on the farm is unpredictable but we wouldn't trade our life on the farm for anything!

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April said...

Never a dull moment huh? Glad y'all still
Got to go back to the reunion.