Saturday, August 10, 2013

Loading Hogs

This week we loaded out the rest of our butcher hogs.
We loaded out 660 hogs on Monday morning and 825 on Tuesday morning.
 My niece Nikki came and helped us load Tuesday, her birthday!
She also helped us get the barns all squeegeed out and ready to wash.
Now that is a dedicated, hard working niece!

 Stephanie, our son's girlfriend got up at 4:30am on Monday and Tuesday and helped us load. 
Our son wasn't even there, he was at his "real job".
She also helped us load out a few loads over the last few weeks.
It must be true love if she is willing to help us out like that!

Loading hogs is a MESSY job!'s my life and I love life on the farm!


born ambitious. born imaginative. said...

That is A LOT of hogs!!!! I can't even imagine the work that would be!

Just Mom said...

You wear it well, honey. ;-)