Friday, September 27, 2013

Crunch Time

We are now in "Crunch Time"....time to crunch as much as we can into very little time.
We are ready to start the harvest but are still working on some projects that NEED to get done before we start the harvest. 
 Once harvest begins, ALL time is devoted to the harvest.
 We tore out our corral to rearrange and add in a "working system". 
We have been working on this for weeks now.....

 and are finally getting things in place where we want them!
The tub (part of the working system) is on back order right now so we are patiently waiting for that to come so we can finish this project.  Cattle come home from pasture and need to be worked mid-October.

 We decided to finally build the shed that Chad has wanted for many years.

We hired a local crew to build it.
Chad and I decided to build the office, bathroom and loft.
We got the office and bathroom framed and the loft up pretty quickly but then had to wait for plumbers and electricians to come do their jobs.

  We finally have this all ready for the electricians to come and finish up their part and then we will work on the finishing touches this winter when we have more time.
My tractor is hooked up to the grain cart and all cleaned out, greased and ready to go for harvest.  We still need to get the other tractor ready for augers and the bins and dryer all set up and ready. 
Two semi trucks are ready to go, the other one is in the shop being gone over.  We should have that by next Tuesday. 
 My father-in-law got the combine all ready to go and our son helped him get the bean head ready to go too.
This time of the year always sneaks up on us so fast.  Seems like we are exhausted trying to get it all ready by the time harvest rolls around!



Susan said...

I'm sure you'll be "ready to roll".

born ambitious. born imaginative. said...

Oh goodness, that's gorgeous!