Tuesday, November 26, 2013


We have had a very busy fall! 
Besides the harvest, we have been working on lots of other things here on the farm.
It's always a rush to get as much done as we can before the ground freezes and the snow flies.
We rounded up all the cattle and hauled them home from the pastures.

 I had a few difficulties hauling this year! 
The trailer I was driving had not one but TWO blow outs!
At two different times! 
One fairly early in the day and the other one towards sunset.

After getting the cows and calves home, we worked them all.
Preg tested the cows, vaccinated and implanted all the calves and castrated the bull calves.
Since the weather has been nice (no snow), we fenced off some corn stalks and hauled the cows there to graze the stalks.
That saves us a lot in feed but we do have to drive there daily to check on them and chip ice so they can have water.
 Daily chores include feeding the calves that we have weaned off the cows.
We also hauled manure from this lot since the ground had not frozen yet and no snow on the ground.

We put up over 300 corn stalk bales this year too. 
This includes raking, baling and hauling the bales.
These bales make really good bedding for the cows and the calves over the winter.
Hauling bales with my helper!
Chad would load my semi and my helper and I would haul them back to the yard.
We have been blessed with an nice fall and have gotten lots done!
Now I am praying for a mild winter.  

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SAH in Suburbia said...

I love reading about all of your activities. Such hard hard work but there's a certain amount of satisfaction that comes with it, no?