Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More calves!

We are finally in the full swing of calving!
 One of Courtney's babies!
She has owned a few cows since she was 10 years old. 
She bought them through a FSA (Farm Service Agency) loan program primarily for 4-H kids.
Both kids have learned a lot through the program and by having their own loan to be responsible for.

Courtney came home for Easter and helped us tag and treat the new calves.
We had 11 new ones that day!

Chad treating a newborn.

This was our second set this year.

I captured a picture of a calf immediately after it was born.
Was trying to get some pictures of the birth but didn't want to get too close
 and spook her.

One of the first ones born this year.

Chad treating.
Jeremy is in the background. 
He is here most days to help out.

Of course we had a few snow storms this year during calving.
NOT fun dealing with cows and calves during a storm!

We still have quite a few cows left to calve and the guys are itching to get in the field.  The weather has finally turned around and it looks like we might be in the field this week doing some planting and spraying...yay!

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Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and enjoyed reading about your calving season.