Saturday, June 9, 2007


I spent Thursday and Friday watching Courtney play volleyball with her team.

Warming Up

At the Net

Getting Ready to Set

Lunch Break

Coach Paulson talking to the girls after the games are done.

I had a great time, I love watching volleyball!


Pam said...

This brought back so many memories for me! I never was that great in Volleyball, but my relatives in W. Va. all love it and every family reunion, a big game or two gets going! My hubby played on his college team in Mexico and on our church team once here in Tampa, back when we were young parents!

It's so good to see young people like your Courtney, fit and active.

Penless Thoughts said...

Such fun. Team work - what it's all about ....whether it's sports, or marriage, or family or friends.
I liked the lunch!!!

Amber Kay said...

Volleyball in the middle of summer? Is Cortney playing JO?
I thought the picture of the girls eating luch was funny...they are all glued to their cell phones!!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Amber-It was a team camp...they scrimmage other schools.

Her team also plays in a league once a week.

Midlife Mom said...

What a great time for Courtney and her friends playing volleyball. It is big around here too, a friend of mine coaches for one of the local colleges. I played in high school back in the olden days and really enjoyed it although wasn't particularly great at it! heehee!

Myrna said...

I think any high school sport is fun to watch, particularly when you know the team. It is also a good, helathy eay for kids to stay active and busy,

Our boys played basketball in high school and I loved going to games. Now we follow the team our son coaches. And, of course, the grandkids' soccer, etc.

Go, Courtney!

jennifer said...

Me too!

Jamie said...

Oh man, I love volleyball. This is such a great sport! Those pictures brought back memories of high school and playing.

Thanks for sharing!!

Tracy said...

I like to play volleyball for FUN!! Never did play in high school. On the beach is the best! :)