Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This and That

This week is filled with a little bit of this and a little bit of that!

We got started planting corn yesterday.....yeah! Right now it is clouding over and looks like it could rain at any time...boo! There is a 50% chance but we were hoping the rain would hold off now until we could the crops all in.

Last night was the annual "Academic Awards Night" at the school. Both kids got several awards. Jeremy received his National Honor Society cords and medallion to be worn at graduation and his 2 year NHS pin, Regents Scholar award, Student of the Month award (April), Presidents Academic Achievement award, Drama award, Wendy's Heisman Award and the John Phillip Sousa Band Award. Courtney received Student of the Month award (September), Newspaper Editor award, Journalism award, Drama pin, Peer Helper pin, Student council pin and she was inducted into the National Honor Society.

This afternoon is the Conference track meet.....oh, update on last weekend's track meet, neither one of the kids placed last week at the Howard Wood Relays. Courtney's shot put event was cancelled on Friday night due to weather and she ran 2 relays Sat. that did not place. Jeremy hurt his knee last Thursday and I took him in on Friday....the doctor seems to think he might have torn his PCL (he already has a torn PCL on the other knee). He chose not to throw at the meet to give it a chance to heal a little. This is a huge all state meet so he figured he would not place and it would be a good one to sit out and give his knee some time to mend.

I am trying to get my garden in, was hoping to get it tilled today-IF the rain holds off.

Oh, and have I mentioned that I need to get a house ready for graduaion??!! For some reason I am not worked up about that yet....kinda scares me that I am not.


Tracy said...

WOW! Way to go on the awards!!!! That's awesome!

When is graduation??

Amanda said...

Congratulations on your achievements Jeremy and Courtney!

I just find the “drama pin” funny. I can’t tell you how many times people have probably wanted to pin me with a drama pin

Jodi said...

Way to go Jeremy and Courtney! Someday I suppose I will actually go to those award nights. Don't worry about your house YET - if I started now it would be all messed up by graduation. Good luck!

Sharon said...

Congrats on the awards. I think your son is correct about letting his knee heal. That way he won't do any more damage and make things worse for him.
Don't worry about the house you'll get it done in time.
I have trying to till up my garden spot also, but the weekends are not wanting to cooperate at all.
This weekend was filled up with family from out of town. When they left it was to late to do anything and I was not in the mood.
Have a nice day.

amy said...

How do you stay so organized.

Those awards rock!

Just Mom said...

Congratulations to those bright kiddos of yours.

Lori said...

Congrats to your kids on their awards. It's a busy time at the end of the school year - isn't it.

So glad you could get in and start planting corn.

We started planting our garden.
We have potatoes and onions in so far.

kdwhorses said...

Great job kids with all the awards!
It has been raining here off and on the last couple of days. Today I groomed while it was barely spinkling!
BTW-I freeze the berries and then use them for potlucks, gifts, etc.
My pears are also starting to come in on the tree. Hubby really likes pear perserves! I freeze them as well and have a great pear cake recipe.

Teresa said...

Isn't it great to be in the fields?! The rain held off, which was great.

Hopefully Saturday will be beautiful for Jeremy's graduation party.

Jeff and Erin said...

You sound really really busy! Good luck getting your garden in and house ready for graduation! I am not even going to attempt to plant my garden until close to the end of the month :)!

Farmchick said...

Hope the rain holds off for you. We FINALLY got 3/4 of an inch here. It was much needed. Back out to finish seeding wheat. Good luck with getting your house ready for graduation and congrats to your children and their accomplishments. I cry just thinking about graduation and we have a few years to go before our oldest chick graduates.

Jamie said...

You guys are soooo lucky to have corn in the ground. Where I'm from we have about 4% of the crop in for the whole state and usually we have about 75% in by this time. Good luck with graduation and the awards!