Thursday, May 8, 2008

Planting Corn!

We finally got some corn planted-YIPPEE! Got a little in on Monday and a little bit in on Tuesday and then got rained out but were able to get quite a bit planted yesterday. Chad is hoping to get a good day in today too but the forecast looks like more rain on the way.

My garden still hasn't gotten tilled. Priorities....corn planting and graduation!

I have most of the stuff ready for graduation....just need to vacuum the basement, clean the last bathroom and do some last minute touch-ups on Saturday morning. It's coming up fast!

UPDATE: Rained out again! GRRRRR!


Midlife Mom said...

You are one busy gal! Graduation is such an exciting time in a young persons life. I even remember mine and that was a 100 years ago! Great job with all the awards!!!!! You sure have two great kids! Glad you got some corn in. It is raining here today too, Dad and I had to use umbrellas to go walking. The crazy woodpecker is still here pecking away on the gutters. He must have a sore beak!

Jodi said...

OH - my - I keep forgetting it is really THIS Saturday that graduation is. I should know by now - how many cards did I have to design? I'm glad we are on the way to 2009 graduations... I'm still recovering. I hope I remember to come - I have a COOL gift for Jeremy.

kdwhorses said...

Glad you all got some corn planted! It came a downpour here yesterday!
Busy, busy girl! Good luck with finishing the corn and graduation!

Joyce said...

I know what you mean about planting corn and beans before garden tilling and planting. Good luck with the planting and the graduation and party.

Love and Hugs,

Jeff and Erin said...

All this rain makes it hard to get anything done! Sorry you got rained out again! Good luck getting your house ready for graduation! I hope the weather starts cooperating for you guys too :)!!

nickernoodle said...

Sounds like you are one busy gal!!! Have a great time and I hope the weather holds out for you!!!