Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Our county's (Hamlin) 4-H Achievement Days are going on now. The kids entered their building exhibits last night. Jeremy got 8 purples, 2 blues and 1 red ribbon. Courtney got 11 purples and 1 blue.

Today is the dog show. Jeremy and Courtney do not show dog but both my niece Kassidy and my Nephew Nolan do. I am heading to town today to watch them show their dogs.

Tomorrow my niece Nikki shows her calf at the Clark County Achievement Day show. We are heading to that county (about 45 miles away) to watch her and then my niece Kennedy (and maybe Kassidy, not sure) are showing their calves in our county show. I am hoping to get back to our county in time to watch them show too.

Grandma Phyllis (from Rapid City) came back to see the grandkids (Jeremy, Courtney, Nolan and Nikki) show and exhibit (and to get away from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally). She and I should have some fun times this week.


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Amber Kay said...

Can I go and stay at Grandma Phyllis's house? ;o)

amy said...

Love all your posts. Love getting a glimpse of your fun life..Seriously, I think its sooo cool

Sharon said...

It sounds like the kids are doing well at the fair. Congrats to them and you niece and nephew.
It sounds like you will be very busy going to all the events. It sounds like fun and very interesting.
Have a nice time.

Tracy said...

Great job Courtney and Jeremy!!

Sounds like you'll be busy this week!!


nickernoodle said...

Kristi e-mailed me and said that Kenners was up at 3:00 sick.....I hope she is able to show her dog today. I hope all goes well and they all do a good job!

Pam said...

I've noticed through your blog, what a fantastic aunt you are, very supportive!

kdwhorses said...

Way to go kids and congrats on all the ribbons!

Penless Thoughts said...

Finally getting a moment to get around on check up on my blog friends. So glad to hear your son is home safe and sound. Great job for your kids as always!!