Thursday, November 6, 2008

100 MPH

It seems like we are going 100 mph, trying to beat the storm that is on it's way. We have been putting in some late nights and getting started early every morning. I have a SLIGHT break right now so what is my priority......updating my blog of course!!!!!

Courtney's volleyball team lost first round of Districts so she is done with volleyball for the year. She is now practicing cheerleading...they have entered a cheer competition to be held the first part of December. She is also going to open gym....getting some basketball time in before the actual season starts. I think they start official practice for basketball the week of Thanksgiving.

Jeremy has been coming home from college a lot to help on the farm. He will be pressure-washing barns this weekend as we have emptied one out and it need to get it ready for new pigs.

Chad and I.....working of course and trying to catch some sleep now and again. We are down to 400 acres of corn left. I can't wait to be done....I am SO TIRED!


oceans5 said...

I can't imagine how busy you guys must be. 400 acres sounds like a LOT to me but then again I have never worked a farm. Hope you get a lot accomplished before the storm hits you.

Sharon said...

I sure hope that you get the corn done before the storm. It is raining and snowing here already and there is a lot of corn still in the fields.
The wind is blowing 35-40 mph.
So it was a little difficult to drive this AM.
God Bless.

amy said...

thanks for updating us on your beautiful family

Momma Roar said...

I do hope you can relax this winter!!

Heidi Jo said...

do you think it's really coming? i just can't let myself believe it until it hits. i sent the kids to school in sweatshirts today, it was still 50+ degrees here!

Penless Thoughts said...

I echo Momma Roar, hope you get some rest during the cold months of winter.

Joyce said...

Wish you all kinds of luck in finishing up the corn as well as, working in the livestock. I just saw on the news the snow in your state. I know it will reach us Sunday or Monday. I am not looking for what is coming, but that is part of life.

Love and Hugs,

It's All Good! said...

My husband grew up in farm country so many of his family's friends were farmers. I feel for you. You have to be so tired. Praying the weather holds.
God bless,
Brenda :)

Tracy said...

I hope you are surviving. It is freezing cold here with snow on the ground. The wind is causing drifts and I couldn't imagine being in the field today.

Hang in there!!!

Farmchick said...

How are you guys doing down there below us?? We are held up with sunflower harvest...SNOW! (see my blog) Oh, you asked about our grain trailer and the size--- it is 48 feet by 8 1/2 wide.
Hope the weather is cooperating for you.