Friday, November 7, 2008

Screeching Halt!

Everything with the corn harvest came to a screeching halt yesterday afternoon when a blizzard blew in! Yikes....I knew it was coming, they have been talking about it on the news and radio for several days but I just wasn't quite ready for it. We are praying that it melts soon so we can get the rest of the corn out.

I have been catching up on some of the much needed housework this morning (laundry and dishes mostly) and SLEEP! I slept in this morning and have already taken a short nap too!!! I think I could sleep all day but we have work at the hog barns that needs to be done so I will be heading there soon.

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend!


Penless Thoughts said...

Glad you got a wee break anyway :o)

Craze said...

Yikes, a blizzard? Glad you got caught up on your sleep!

Pam said...

I can relate to hurricanes but not blizzards! I was so happy to hear that the Frazzled Farm Wife actually got to sleep and and even take a nap. God love ya'!

Joyce said...

I was wondering if you had electric and this says yes. I have not heard how much your state got, but I hear that Iowa and Minn. are getting it now and Indiana will get some of it on Sat. We have just gotten a good start on corn. We have to wait an hour to unload at the elevator. Good luck with the clean up.

Love and Hugs,

Lori said...

Sorry to hear that you didn't get your crops out before the blizzard hit.

My dad and brother and mom worked day and night to get done.
They fortunately didn't have any breakdowns and were able to get finished up just before the rain and snow hit.

Glad you are able to catch up at home and catch a nap.

Jodi said...

I was NOT ready for this snow.... but, it is sort of pretty - and I actually love the time change... I know, I am strange, but kids go to bed easier when it is dark outside.

Crystal said...

We saw reports of the blizzards on the news (yes - all the way up here in Alberta, Canada) so I knew you were probably in the middle of it somewhere. I hate when harvesting is interrupted like that. Will you have to wait a long time for the corn to dry now or will you take it damp and dry it down somewhere? Thinking of you lots these days :)