Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I took Jeremy and Courtney to the dentist yesterday. Neither one of them has ever had a cavity.....until yesterday. Courtney has a small one that needs to be filled....bummer! She goes back in on June 1 and is a little nervous about having it filled but I told her she would breeze right through it.....hopefully I am right!


Susan said...

She will!!

Joyce said...

Yes, She will!!!

Love and Hugs,

Heidi Jo said...

never had a cavity? seriously? those are some good family genetics!

Sharon said...

I am also afraid of the dentist but you always seemed to get through it ok. Courtney will be fine.
God bless.

Just Mom said...

Is she the one who's nervous, or is it you? ;-D I only ask that because I get nervous whenever I take JS to the dentist for an annual checkip.

She'll do just fine. :-D