Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spring Work

Whew....the heart of spring work, the complete! We still have a few spots that were wet when they planted but are now dry and they are filling those in but the majority of the crops are planted...YEAH! The garden is planted (not looking so good but it is planted), and we just got done re-planting the grass around the yard....Chad accidentally killed most of the lawn last year spraying what he thought was a chemical for lawns but must have had something else in it. The lawn that did survive, finally got it's first mowing. Most of the cows are moved to pasture, just have a few loads left but are waiting probably a week or so to haul them. Spraying is caught up for now....will have more the end of the week to do. we can hopefully get caught up around here on the things that have been neglected the last several weeks (and months).


Susan said...

You guys accomplish so much and yet still have wonderful family time.

Farmchick said...

Well good for you that you are done with springs work! I hat to laugh at the killing the grass part...been there done that! ;) (well I didn't do it!) We were just getting going in seeding but it rained now last night and is still raining. We are way ehind.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day.

Just Mom said...

YAY! Sure hope you'll get to sneak in some time to relax in the middle of all that catching up you plan to do. :-)

kdwhorses said...

Yeah! Hope you get some relaxation in!